Welcome to stories of Reiki in action...

   The week after completing Reiki I my husband received an injury while playing football which left him with quite a large bruise on his ankle.  While we were sitting on the couch I placed my hands around his ankle with the intent of giving him Reiki.

   A couple of days later I had a look at the bruise and it was almost gone, but there was still some bruising around the outside of his ankle.  When I placed my hand over the bruise I realised it was my hand print - Reiki 'healed' the centre of the bruise where my hand had been.

   This was my first experience confirming that Reiki works!  AND it convinced my husband, which was a hard task.

   My second experience was with my little dog, a silky terrier.  I went to check on him after being away for the weekend only to find he was quite poorly with weepy eyes and he wouldn't come when I called him.

   I took him to the vet and he was prescribed some antibiotics for severe infection with blood tests being sent to Brisbane.

   When we reached home I sat him by the fire where he sat for a few hours, after which he came to me on the couch.  I had to lift him up and then he snuggled into me and I thought "I could give him some Reiki".  As I placed my hands on him, he took a long sigh, only it wasn't a sigh - it was his last breath.

   The following week I received the results from the blood test only to discover he had had leukemia.  I never felt that the Reiki had done harm, but simply that it helped him to pass over peacefully.


    Penguin, Tasmania

   I just wanted to thank you so much for the Reiki course.  I thoroughly enjoyed learning about Reiki and was pleasantly surprised and inspired by the breakthrough moments in both my physical reactions and the way my mind has taken this journey further through my own personal reflections and also the way that I seem to be able to pick up on other people's (and animals') energies and a general sense of feeling centred and connected.

   Thank you for answering all of my questions and by also not answering - the way you do this is brilliant - it has allowed me to discover Reiki for myself in my own special way and as a teacher myself - this quality you have is a skillful and inspirational one.

   Kate, Tasmania


  Thank you and Blessings - Heather


   When I was initiated into Reiki I, I thought I may be able to give up smoking as Heather had said that happens spontaneously for some people.  No luck, I still smoked heavily.

   Later I took the Reiki II class and after some time I thought to put one of the Reiki symbols over my pack of cigarettes and within a week I realised my consumption had dropped by 41 cigarettes all in 7 days.  It continues to drop.


   Devonport, Tasmania



  I decided (with permission) to do an absentee Reiki healing on a friend who was concerned about the state of his health, but nothing specific.  It was powerful as I could feel the energy in my own body and I had a strong visualisation of "junk" leaving his system.

  About a month later he went for his annual check-up and the doctor gave him the best report on his health in years.  He was stunned as he was expecting something quite drastic, as he was very run down and hadn't been looking after himself.  So, he received a very pleasant (Reiki) surprise!


   Latrobe, Tasmania



   I came to Tasmania for a holiday with my grandmother and also to participate in the Reiki Seminar.  Some days after the training we went to the Tulip Farm at Table Cape, it was the day before all the tulips were to be mowed in preparation for the bulbs to be dug up. 

   There were lots of sad tulips lying around in between the rows - trodden and limp from the sun.  I collected an armful and asked staff could I keep them.  They laughed and said I was welcome, but they would be dead before I reached home.

   As soon as I reached home I put them in water and gave Reiki to the vase for around 15 minutes, later some individual attention to one particularly sad bloom.  I'm pleased to report they were all standing tall and straight within a couple of hours AND lasted another 10 days!


  Brisbane, Qld



  I have been attuned to Reiki for about 10 years, but recently did a refresher course with Heather.  What impresses me most about Heather's teaching style is her patient and in-depth consideration of questions raised, and her answers almost seem to be coming from Spirit.  They are exactly what the student needs to hear, and her wisdom and depth of knowledge never ceases to amaze me!  She spends a great deal of time making sure everyone 'gets it' and always allows plenty of time for practice, allowing students to learn and gain confidence at their own pace.  Even as a 'refresher' I found I learned heaps, and having Heather available to ask questions further down the track helps enormously.  Having said that, we still manage to have loads of fun!

  Belinda Lee B.Sc

  Devonport, Tasmania


  Reiki Blessings and thank you Belinda - Heather



  Having recently done a Reiki refresher course with Heather, I was reminded that we could use Reiki on plants (as well as animals and humans!)  One day I had transplanted some seedlings into some containers and thought I might give them a helping hand with Reiki.  I closed my eyes and using the Reiki symbol, I tuned into spirit and the plants' energy.  I was amazed at what I saw!!  Brightly coloured spirals and patterns, almost like the Fibonacci pictures, each one specific and different for each plant.  I was blown away as I had never seen anything so beautiful before, it was almost like seeing the energetic imprint of each plant.  So there is always something to learn, even those of us who have been using Reiki on family and friends for awhile!

  Belinda Lee  B.Sc

  Devonport, Tasmania 



   I have 2 stories:

   One recent morning on my way to work, I slipped on the bitument road tearing a hole through my thick stockings and gashing my knee.  My husband took one look and said 'you need stitches', as the wound was very deep.  I decided not to spend hours waiting at the hospital, instead I bathed it in salt water and tea-tree oil then applied a dressing.  I gave Reiki to the area for around 2 hours and to my amazement the wound had not bled instead the blood had thickened and set, forming a covering.  That night I was able to dance at a rehearsal.


   Although mourning the loss of my dear dying friend for nearly 6 months, I thought I was prepared for the death of my soul mate - I wasn't!  It had only been 9 days since his passing when I was asked to help at the Reiki Seminar weekend.  I believed I could not be of much help as I was a mess, my heart ached so, but I went anyway for the love of my teacher.  During the weekend I felt the energy there nurtured and lovingly embraced me, giving me a feeling of the wonderful and beautiful gift of love from the universe.


   Spreyton, Tasmania



   Thank you Heather for Reiki II attunement.  I had first taken Reiki I in 2004 in Melbourne to practice a little for myself and family.  I had no interest to learn more until speaking with you.  Your different method of attunement resonated with me.  It was wonderful to travel to Tasmania for the weekend to take Reiki II.  I appreciate the time you spent with me to make sure I had full understanding and confidence to go home and share this gift with family and clients.

   As a mother it is lovely to give Reiki to my children when they are sick - the child feels nutured by the deeper presence of care.  I feel a deeper connection to the child.  It is nurturing for us both.

   I use Reiki in my work as a yoga teacher and doula (supporting women through labour and birth).  I cleanse my studio and home using Reiki.  Many people walk into my studio and comment on how peaceful the room feels.  Sometimes they don't know what it is, and comment 'there is something about this space that allows me to relax deeply'.

   Some people have amazing and profound experiences with using Reiki.  In my experience the energy has a subtle healing.  Perhaps because I don't practice in the formal way of the recipient on the table, but integrate Reiki into my daily life.  It has been a nurturing tool to use when I have attended births.  There was a particular birth that I attended that was quite long. The woman was in the resting stage and she needed quiet but also to know that we were still there.  I held her feet for over an hour.  Sometimes during labour there is a time of waiting where the mother and baby need to rest and then the process begins again.  She said to me many times after the birth that the one thing she remembers is me holding her feet and how calm she felt.  It made a difference to her experience.

   Reiki can be used in so many ways.  Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me.  You always ask the right questions to draw out the answers I need.  I hope you continue to teach for many more years.  You have so much to share.


   Melbourne, Victoria




   I was giving Reiki to my daughter's tummy, she is pregnant, and was surprised to find the baby turned towards my hands.  My daughter then commented she could feel heat in her ankle which had been badly broken recently and had to be set using metal plates.  Further Reiki on her ankle has brought relief and comfort.  So, babies 'know' and Reiki does run to where it is needed most!


   Burnie, Tasmania



   I had been working soldily in the garden all day and was left with a pain low on the left side of my back.  I was just sitting quietly giving myself Reiki over the solar plexus area, when suddenly I felt a pressure over the pain area for a few moments.  When that passed I noticed the pain had gone and it didn't return.


   Devonport, Tasmania



   I have a blood disorder that requires monthly blood tests to assess regulation of red blood cells and platelets.  They have been alarmingly high for quite some time.  After completing the Reiki training, the next blood test showed red blood cell count has come down and the platelets have come down to near normal, plus my Iron levels have increased after being too low!


   Latrobe, Tasmania



   Friends of mine have a 4 and 1/2 month old baby who has been greatly distressed with teething pain; hence the parents haven't been able to get any sleep because of the baby's constant discomfort.  After the first Reiki session on baby, the pain appeared to be much worse (the healing crisis?), but the second session the following evening brought about a totally different result.  Both parents said the next morning "What did you do?  We have been able to sleep all night!" 


   Devonport, Tasmania



   I recently had the honour of completing Reiki level two.  At the same time my sister who lives in another state, was staying with me for a couple of weeks.

   A few years ago she had advanced cervical cancer and the radiation has left her with severe stomach issues.  She has chronic reflux and acid problems.  When she has an attack building, she sips water all day until she is able to vomit.  It is pure acid and burns on the way out and she has several days recovering and is in a lot of pain.

   Following my final Reiki attunement I asked her if I could give her some Reiki, and she said 'yes, please'.  This I did for about an hour.  She said the need to vomit had gone and the pain had abated.  Next morning when she got up she was having her breakfast when she informed me that she was pain free and that eating breakfast following an attack was a first, as she usually had to fast for 3 or 4 days.

   Her husband, who is an admitted cynic, began asking questions about Reiki as he said he would like to be able to do that for his wife.


   Penguin, Tasmania